A Day On The Track With Kia Motors

You may have been here since my early blogging days and think you know a lot about me.

I’d say you’re probably right but there’s something I’m almost certain you don’t know…

I love cars.

Fast cars, luxury cars, cars, cars, cars.

My boyfriend, Oliver, and I actually fight over who will get to drive on a road trip – we both want to be behind the wheel!

So when Kia asked me to come along and test drive their latest ProCeed in Barcelona for the day, I jumped at the opportunity! The old Top Gear Reasonably Priced Car has had an upgrade. Along with dropping the apostrophe [true Top Gear lovers will get the joke here!] they applied new safety and advanced driver assistance systems to the car. There are six variants of the ProCeed with 1.3 million cars from the Ceed family having been sold in Europe since 2006 and once I got to drive around in the latest versions I could see why!

We arrived at the track in Barcelona to rows of beautiful white Kia ProCeed cars I couldn’t wait to get behind the wheel of.

We went out, four cars at a time, with a pro driver in the lead car talking us through each corner over a radio. I had never driven on a track before so it took a few laps before I started to find my confidence but when I did I felt like I was flying around the course. That was…until I might have taken a corner too fast and come off the track!

Hey, at least I knew I was pushing the car to the limit and finding out what it was really capable of!

Needless to say though, it definitely put my heart rate through the roof!!! I loved it.

[Sorry Mum!]

The face of one very happy girl. I got to combine my love of driving with my love of travel and I couldn’t be more grateful to Kia for that.

A very exhausted bunch of petrol heads landed back safely in London, wishing they could do it all over again tomorrow.

Until next time,

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