Beat The Bloat: Ep. 1

I get so many questions about how to avoid bloating. There is one question I always ask…

“Do you chew gum?”

…and the answer tends to be yes.

I used to chew gum religiously but once I found out these facts I went cold turkey and haven’t chewed gum since!

  1. Chewing gum can give you a lot of gastrointestinal issues. The bad habit causes you to swallow excess air which can bloat you and cause stomach pain.
  2. The chewing action lets your brain know that your stomach is about to receive food. The body preps the stomach by increasing its production of acid. Of course, if you are chewing gum, your body doesn’t receive any food for the acid to break down. This can damage the stomach lining, bloat your body and damage your ability to produce enough digestive enzymes and hormones in the future.
  3. It can also affect your teeth (nothing to do with bloating but still not a great fact!). If your chewing gum has sugar in it you are basically swilling sugar around your mouth for an extended period of time. If your chewing gum is sugar-free it likely contains acidic flavourings which are harmful to your teeth.

This is one habit you’re better off without in 2018!

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