Be:FIT Weekender

Recently I’ve been in a fitness rut, I have been in and out of minor injuries and niggles and I haven’t been able to motivate myself to get to the gym very often. When I heard about Be:FIT Weekender I jumped at the opportunity to have a long weekend of fitness and nutrition all planned out for me, surrounded by like-minded people.

This is me after the first class, I was enjoying the wonderful endorphin high that Tally Rye had brought us to in a sweaty HIIT session. I knew in that moment that I would be finding my fitness mojo once again…

Spending time with fitness minds I now call friends was the highlight of the weekend for me.




Yes, I spent plenty of time soaking my aching muscles in the hot tub. It would be rude not to use all the facilities!

My favourite class was the glitter yoga, no guesses as to why.

I loved the mix of classes, the yoga classes provided a chance to stretch out our sore muscles whilst winding down from the adrenaline rush of HIIT and taking time to step back inside our bodies after a lot of physical activity.

As well as getting back into fitness, I got to explore my old yoga and gymnastic ways which was a lot of fun.

And no, I didn’t fall into the pool (so many of you on Instagram asked after I posted this shot!)

This pineapple salsa (as well as every spread that MPCatering served up for us) was out of this world. I also rather enjoyed the beetroot brownies that were served up with almost every meal! They were incredible with everyone’s different food allergies without compromising on taste. The dinner spreads every night were my favourite. We had the choice of meat, fish or vegetarian and then dish after dish came round of side options for everyone to pick the amount they wanted (I think had had seconds every night – there was just so much physical activity involved every day!)

After I got ill, quite a few years ago now, I avoided dairy for the longest time and still tend to avoid buying it when grocery shopping purely out of habit. I discovered these pouches on the weekend retreat and I have had practically one a day since, I’ve even turned friends onto these as an easy grab and go option!

We had a nutritional talk from Clare who was a fountain of knowledge about PCOS, menstrual cycles and nutrition in athletes. She broke everything down for us without talking down to us and talked about subject most people just brush aside. I really appreciated the talk and would have loved more throughout the weekend but maybe that’s just me, I love learning something new everyday!

Forever doing inversions…

Like I said, I enjoyed getting back to my gymnastics roots – playing around with my balance and strength!

Nature walks around the grounds and nearby area were on the agenda everyday for me whether it was scheduled in for everyone or not. I love London and I’m not sure I could live anywhere else but I love escaping to the countryside and the fresh air. I was so happy to learn where Be:FIT Weekender was being held, I think it made the whole experience so much greater.


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