Búho, Guernsey

I have been visiting Guernsey for over 27 years. At 6 weeks old I boarded my first plane in my mother’s arms and headed off to Guernsey.

“one of the best flavoured meals I’ve ever eaten”

So when I say that Buho offered me one of the best flavoured meals I’ve ever eaten on the island and a very memorable dining experience, I have a few years [decades] of eating in restaurants on the island to back up that statement!

Of course I got a photo on these swings!

Okay so a few photos…

Alright, so I got several photos on the swings but can you blame me?

They say…

Enter the coop and you’ll discover a world of Tequila and Rum with sassy, smooth flavours, of both young and old vintages. So pull up a perch and let us entertain you while our wise mixologists muddle, shake or swirl you your favourite evening tipple.

They say…

Expect the unexpected.

Well, all unexpected expectations were exceeded! That was a mouthful…and as you will see from the incredibly flattering photos, my food was a series of delightful mouthfuls for me, I couldn’t even be bothered to try and eat gracefully!!

Found on Fort Road and part of The Fermain Valley hotel grounds, the Latino restaurant offers hotel guests as well as residents and tourists on the island the opportunity to experience fresh Mexican street food to a soundtrack that truly transports you across the North Atlantic Ocean.

I actually took a photo of the wine menu to find myself a few bottles of this Malbec: Finca del Alta Malbec – 2015

Find yourself someone who looks at you the way I look at great red wine…

There are so many options to be able to make your meal; vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, it goes on! With a family of so many dietary requirements it is so refreshing to see such clear labelling and the flexibility to offer this without trying to change ingredients out or slap something together that is completely different.

In all honesty I read the first item on the menu and ordered that. But when Beef & Scallops Fajitas are on a menu and you think you’ve found nirvana, nothing else is really going to compare. I did look through the entire menu [especially since my mother forgot her glasses and I had to read it all out loud to her!] but really??? It’s Beef & Scallops IN fajitas!

Can you see why I didn’t get food envy? Well okay, mum’s enchiladas looked out of this world but scallops in fajitas. Have you ever heard of such a thing?? I was still raving about the next morning!


I stuck a few of these in my tortilla wraps, anyone else do that?


We ordered the Rainbow Salad which looked like we were about to eat the rainbow but as two people who can’t really handle their spice, there were way too many chillies in this for us to enjoy!

As I read the menu for my glass-less mother she was immediately drawn to Búho’s Sweet Potato, Petit Pois and Feta Enchiladas.

I love the street food menu with so many mix and match options you can tailor your plate of food to any and all tastes! With a base of burrito, chimichangas, enchiladas, soft tacos or quesadilla you then have a choice of filling and sauces. Mummy P+P chose enchiladas, sweet potato, petit pois and feta along with a mango salsa. What a dreamy combo.

But with options like smoked pulled pork, chilli king prawn and roasted vegetables and cactus that you can pair with chilli jam, avocado salsa, sour cream or black turtle beans. These are just a few of their options.

What would you put together??

I am thinking soft tacos, sweet & smoky chicken and guacamole. I might even be a little spenny and add in chipotle or pico de galo!

Always eating like a ‘lady’…

I rather enjoyed those fajitas, did I mention how good they were?

We found out whilst we were there that it was salsa night. So as we finished our meal we headed for a booth to watch the mesmerising dancers spin to what seemed like no end.

We decided that we were full but just watching the dancing clearly drummed up an appetite in us and so we took a look at the dessert menu…

Anyone for Churros Dulce De Leche?

Warm churros in gooey chocolate were melt in the mouth drool-worthy and come highly recommended from me!

Lemon & Agave Souffle with Blueberry Compote

The lightest, fluffiest thing I have ever had the pleasure of eating. I was only given one mouthful though, Mummy P+P was quite stingy with the sharing on this one for some reason…

I mean, WOW!

An all round incredible experience on my senses. The sensational tastes, easy-listening soundtrack, beautifully plated food, a lot of options for different dietary requirements and I love their wine list. All very important factors when deciding if I will revisit a restaurant!

Will I go back?

The moment I can board a plane, I am there!

Until next time,

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