Dash Restaurant – Queen Victoria Hotel, Cape Town

Calling all foodies out there. If you ever find yourself on the West Coast of South Africa you must try out this restaurant.

Dash is tucked away off the main area of the Waterfront in Queen Victoria Hotel which I haven’t stayed in but does look impressively luxurious when you’re strolling through to the restaurant and bar.

Immediately you are greeted with the bar that takes up the entire width of the room with bottles and bottles of spirits jam-packed into the space. You are truly spoilt for choice.

The same goes for the wine menu. There are plenty of choices by the glass but if you’re not careful you can start spending much more if you add a bottle of wine to the bill as they are definitely not a lot of cheaper options on the list!

They also had a cocktail list with what you would expect on there and were happy to make any virgin for our designated driver.

Now, the menu…

There is something for everyone on here. We came with a vegetarian and a coeliac who they didn’t know about it in advance of the meal. They were instantly able to bring out gluten-free bread which I thought was a wonderful touch during the bread course and there were some tasty looking options in both starters and mains for our vegetarian. A really thoughtful menu.

With the warm bread came out soft truffle butter and paprika butter. The truffle was a little rich for my taste but the paprika was a big hit around the table as we still couldn’t decide what to order.

The tarte tatin or oxtail, risotto or the duck. This menu had so many delicious-sounding extras to each dish I wanted everyone to order something different so I could try it all.

With a lightly breadcrumbed mushroom and pepper sauce sample as a surprise amuse-bouche we waited for our starters (that we finally decided upon).

Spiced tuna loin was a big hit but having tried it I was still very happy with my decision of beetroot tarte tatin with honeycomb and goat’s cheese.

Seared prawns and the lemongrass chicken broth were also chosen off the starters menu.

A palette cleanser that wasn’t really my cup of tea but my mother hoovered up everyone else’s (I shall spare her the photograph I took with the three dishes she scraped clean!)

I chose the herb crusted venison loin which I had cooked rare and cumin beetroot polenta. Do we think I like beetroot?

It was gone far too quickly and definitely didn’t look very ladylike but I enjoyed every bite!

The biltong dusted beef ribeye was a popular choice at our table, with a parsnip gratin and bordelaise sauce – I am told it was a melt-in-your-mouth experience but seeing as I can’t eat beef you’ll have to take their word for it!

Our vegetarian ordered the rooibos smoked risotto, it looked absolutely incredible. For those that don’t know, rooibos is a type of tea but it didn’t taste like it at all!

There was a lamb wellington option and two of us chose it. The béarnaise sauce was very rich and the lamb was succulent so we had two very happy campers who ordered it.

With mains over we drank a little more wine and decided that three courses were better than two, even though our stomachs screamed at us that they were very full of a wonderful dinner.

And after we destroyed their chocolate mousses they brought out a final treat for us. It would have been rude not to sample it, so me and my food belly got stuck into the pistachio nougat!

A thoroughly enjoyable experience which is why I couldn’t wait to share it with you. I will definitely go back the next time I’m here. It is a pricier place than most of the Waterfront but that additional price is well worth it if you are a lover of great food.

Until next time,

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