Exploring the Isle of Wight with Wightlink Ferries

Living 80 miles away from the Isle of Wight I have no idea why I never thought to make the journey there. So when Wightlink Ferries asked to take me on a tour of the island and what it has to offer I jumped at the chance!

The trip itself took no time at all, I got myself to Waterloo and a couple hours later I was at Portsmouth Harbour ready for the catamaran ferry that took just 25 minutes to take us across the English Channel and land us at the Isle of Wight. That ferry comes a few times every hour so travelling is so quick and easy!

As we know, I’m not a big fan of the sea but it was such smooth sailing and so quick that it really didn’t bother me at all.

Besides, I was too busy playing with all the controls with the captain to worry about what was going on around me!

On our way to our accommodation at East Afton Farmhouse for the next few days we stopped off to pick up a hamper of local foods and found these beauties…

Our first activity on the island was a visit to Carisbrooke Castle where I immediately started exploring

and posing inappropriately against the ruins (you really can’t take me anywhere!)

The panoramic views from the highest part of the castle were beautiful and calm, a treat on such a sunny day!

After we’d explored every inch of the castle we were treated to a night at Three Buoys which was like no other dining experience! Looking out at Portsmouth Harbour we enjoyed the musical talents of ‘Derek’ transporting us to Jamaica. It was a unique evening that broke the ice between other influencers.

The food was also sensational, I had the gin battered fish and chips and virgin mojito to wash it down.

The food was plated up like an Instagrammer’s dream and tasted as good as it looked!

Waking up refreshed after a great nights rest (how I always feel after plenty of fresh sea air!) we enjoyed the hamper of local goodies we picked up the previous day to fuel our busy day ahead. We got outside the farmhouse to find bikes lined up to help us explore the island. With the help of Wight Cycle Hire we got our blood pumping crossing grassy terrain and hiking paths before we crossed a golf course to look out at these incredible views.

After a short stroll on the beach (how is this the UK?!) we went for lunch at the Garlic Farm where I found you could put garlic in almost anything (that includes beer). Needless to say, I wouldn’t be bitten by vampires for a while!

I ordered the bubble and squeak with poached egg and, of course, a side of sweet potato wedges.

No rest for the wicked as we moved on to the next location: West Wight Alpacas Farm to take some alpacas and llamas for a walk!

Everyone, meet Danilo…

He eventually got the hang of the selfie…

After a few false starts and finding out my llama got as hangry as I did and needed to stop for food every thirty seconds we finally found our rhythm and totally bonded!

We got back to the farmhouse and were told to go ahead and dress up for dinner.

The venue: Thompson’s Restaurant.

My taste buds exploded and sang with each dish that was served to us, accommodating for every allergy and distaste in the group without compromising on the quality.

On the final day we rose early so we (by we I mean everyone else because you know how I feel about the ocean) could learn to windsurf. After taking plenty of photos of the team trying their hand at the sport I ventured off on a walk down the beach.

  After they worked up an appetite and I watched them do it we went to the best steakhouse on the island. Seeing as I can’t eat beef (damn digestive system!) I opted for the risotto.

The venue was open and light and the food was simple but so tasty!

All that was left to do was drive us all back to England…

Yes, I actually steered the ferry. What was the captain thinking?!

I’m so glad I got to visit such a special place, so close to home. I can’t wait to take some friends over and enjoy some more time exploring out there!

Until next time,


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