Finding Space That’s Mine

Turning a house into a home always sounded like something I would thoroughly enjoy but now I’ve been met with the task of actually doing it and I am not so sure…

I find the opportunity quite daunting.

Strange to admit and hesitant to type but I’ve always been honest with you and that won’t change no matter how much I don’t want to talk about something.

I know how incredibly lucky I am to be in the position I am. I know it sounds like such a superficial thing. But for some reason, being given a blank canvas to create a life in has been a little overwhelming for me.

With the plastering, woodwork, painting and carpets all sorted [finally!], I left the details like furnishing that I couldn’t quite image in my head and focused on the garden. A beautiful area that was just simply overgrown and unloved for so long.

I am no green-fingered girl myself so I knew I was going to have to enlist the help of some specialists. For those of you who watch my stories, you’ll have previously seen that Fantastic Services cleaned my oven and hob in my kitchen at the beginning of the year. They did such a great job and were so lovely about the [gifted] process and I knew they also did gardening that it seemed like the would be the best people for the job…

…and they were!

I have a front and back patio now that are perfect for some outdoor furniture and definitely ready for a lot of barbecues next year! Any sun that pokes through this Autumn and you’ll find me there with a good book.

The front area is clear and easy for me to maintain until the spring where I’m imagining I’ll plant all manner of bright and beautiful things. In all likelihood this is more likely to be all patio by this time next year when I am unable to keep any flowers alive because that’s just who I am!

So excited to enjoy this back patio area in the sunshine and hopefully around a fire pit on crisper evenings.

Lots more for me to do to the right of the patio and into the grassy area of the garden but such a transformation has made me so excited for the final result!

Excuse the washing hanging up inside!!

Anyone want to see some side by side transformations?

My front patio is ready for spring…

…what flowers should I plant??

This is probably the best transformation. The side patio in my back garden was previously completely unusable and now it’s ready for some furniture.

I mean…

Just look at that transformation!!!

Thank you so much to Fantastic Services for providing the gifted service, it has given me an important stepping stone to creating an area just for me. Out in nature, a place to collect my thoughts and all I have to do is take one step outside my house!

I’m so excited to see where the transformation goes from here…

Until next time,

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