Finding Calm In The Everyday

I live in a busy city, one of the most fast-paced, incredibly crowded cities that never sleeps. All of this can sometimes be very overwhelming. Can you relate? Then you might want to keep reading…

Last month I teamed up with RESCUE® to see how their products could fit into my daily routine -I then examined the affect they had on me. It happened to be a good time to trial this in my life, coming off the back of a bug I picked up in Bali making me very sick and a lot of work to fit into a very small window. I knew I was going to get a little anxious over it all.

Well I tell you, RESCUE® to the rescue and that they did!

Cancelled trains making me late for important meetings?

RESCUE PLUS® is perfect for on the go, put a bottle in your handbag, you’ll never know when you will need them!

Racing in between meetings of a jam-packed day?

The orange and elderflower lozenges are my favourite for a quick and mess-free way to calm yourself down.

Too many deadlines, too little time?

I have been using their soothing pastilles a lot lately. These are always on my desk next to my laptop. Work can sometimes overwhelm me, especially when there is a lot going on at once. I find these help keep me in a calmer state which allows me to remain more focused on the task at hand and means I am more productive.

The tube at rush hour for the girl who hates crowds?

I am definitely an open spaces kind of girl. Crowds and small spaces tend to stress me and Rescue Remedy really helps me in these situations.

Mind won’t switch off as you’re trying to wind down at the end of the day?

I really struggle with this. Anyone else? My mind loves to start making lists as soon as my head hits the pillow! Rescue Remedy’s Night spray and drops are two great options for anyone who suffers the way I do.

Over the last three weeks I have easily fit RESCUE® into my routine and they have definitely helped me.


I was just recovering from an illness that had me not eating for almost a week and because this I had no energy and a terrible sleeping pattern. I took their RESCUE PLUS® drops everyday as I was really struggling to focus on work and this was really stressing me and happily slot their night drops in with my evening skincare routine. By the end of the first week I was starting to see an improvement in the daytime but my sleep was still a little erratic.


By the start of the second week my days were practically back to normal and my energy levels were much better because I was getting more sleep. I took the RESCUE PLUS® lozenges out with me in case I needed them at rush hour on the tube or in between meetings in London. I found myself getting anxious at small things that wouldn’t usually bother me like sitting in traffic for long periods of time. I put this down to my lack of sleep and the lozenges definitely helped.


I was sleeping a solid 8 hours and feeling on top of the world because of it. My deadlines weren’t bothering me and I wrote list after list of things I wanted to achieve. I had such a quick turnaround going from an exhausted and anxious mess, to feeling on top form. I actually even started taking extra packets of lozenge and droppers out with me to give to my family and friends that I knew would benefit from them.

Don’t get me wrong, I still get anxious and stressed about all sorts but RESCUE® have helped me to realise there are ways to combat these feelings especially when I realise that something is triggering and step away from it and reach for one of their products.

It’s a seriously big thumbs up from me.

I’ve mentioned this before on my Instagram but not to you guys. I have grown up with RESCUE® thanks to my mum loving their products 20 years ago (and still does!). She always had a small bottle in her handbag and since then there has always been RESCUE® in my bathroom cabinet. I now have their soothing pastilles on my bedside table along with their night range and a packet of their lozenge is always in my bag!

Have you tried RESCUE® before? Let me know if you have and if you want to buy anything I’ve mentioned you can find them here.

*This post is kindly sponsored by Rescue Remedy*

Until next time,

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