Gone For The Chop

If you’ve read my last post about Learning To Look After My Hair you’ll know the terrible state my hair was in after 18 months of constant bleaching without really understanding what I was putting my hair through. I didn’t think about the processes my hair was dealing with so I couldn’t properly look after it and help repair it after each bleaching session. At the end of 2019 my hair was completely destroyed, with a candyfloss-like texture and brushing it would take clumps of my hair with it. I wouldn’t have it cut but it got to the point where I couldn’t wear my hair straight because it was so uneven. That meant I was constantly curling it and making the condition of my hair worse and worse every time I styled it. It was a catch 22 situation I knew I could break by simply cutting my hair but I refused it.

A lot of my hair had broken off and didn’t fit into a ponytail.

My already fine hair having been bleached so often had left it even thinner, unbelievably dry and so sad looking!

I didn’t have layers in my hair when I started bleaching it. Look at all those different breakage levels and the scraggly ends of my hair where most of it had broken off…

The levels at the front are still not even with the rest but the improvement is so unbelievable!

It is amazing what healthy hair does to boost my confidence! My hair has a long way to go before it is back to its best but wow do I feel a million times better.

Thank you RubyB in Chiswick for saving my poor head of hair, I started seeing the owners when they ran Red Chat [also in Chiswick] and I must have been about 14 years old so when I went back to them with my hair in such a state, I knew I was in safe hands. They come HIGHLY recommended from me and my family who all see them!!

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