Granny’s Chocolate Cake

Those of you who have been here at least a few weeks will know I had to say goodbye to my Grandmother last month and because of the quarantine I actually “attended” her funeral service on a live stream. Trying to figure out my emotions around it all has been tough to say the least but recently I found myself really craving chocolate cake. Now, to those that knew Jane, that wouldn’t be a confusing sentence. But to the 99% of my readers it’ll seem a bizarre match up which I can understand.

There isn’t a person close to my Granny who doesn’t have a chocolate cake story. She was famous for this recipe and there was never an elevenses snack at her house where I went without a slice of it. One whatsapp to my mum for the recipe and this beautiful baby was made for my boyfriend’s birthday this week, I also made one last week – just to make sure it would turn out alright. It did. Maybe I’ll bake a cake per week in isolation, they can roll me out when it’s all over…

My favourite part about this recipe is that it is perfect for first-time bakers but the ingredients are also so interchangeable without losing the taste and texture of this dessert. I use lactose-free milk and coconut sugar sometimes if I’m out of dark brown sugar. Oat milk works really well and I use an olive oil spread sometimes as well…


If you are making it gluten-free then add in 1 tpsn of Baking Powder to help it rise!!


One batch makes one cake (one with filling as per the photo) or 12 cupcakes.


4oz Margarine/Butter

4oz Golden Syrup

4oz Dark Brown Sugar/Coconut Sugar

6oz Self-Raising Flour (if using GF flour add a little baking powder)

2 tbspn Cocoa Powder

0.5 tspn Bicarbonate of Soda

1 Egg

5oz Milk


1. Melt the margarine, golden syrup and dark brown sugar in the microwave or using a saucepan on the hob.

2. Take the self-raising flour, cocoa powder and bicarbonate of soda and sieve into the warm mixture with a beaten egg.

3. Beat mixture thoroughly and put the oven on to heat up – 160 degrees in a fan oven.

4. Warm the milk before stirring it in gently so as to not knock all the air out mixture.

5. If you are making a cake: grease the two tins with margarine, lay a piece of greaseproof paper down and grease over that as well before pouring half the mixture into each tine.

[I wouldn’t use tins with pop-out bottoms as the mixture is too thin for this to work!]

6. Cook for about 22 minutes if you are making cupcakes or 25 minutes if you are baking a cake.


To check the cake is cooked through, take a knife or skewer and stick through the highest point on the cake and if you pull it out clean then it is done, if there is mixture on it then leave in for a few more minutes.


One part Margarine, Two Parts Icing Sugar

Method – Sieve the icing sugar into a bowl and stir in the margarine until a thick, smooth consistency is reached. Add more icing sugar to taste!

[birthday candles optional]

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