Homemade Raspberry Gin

I have just tried my first ever homemade gin and [if I do say so myself] think it’s definitely good enough to share so if you want something new to try making at home, give this a go…

I currently have all the ingredients in my house to make this but that’s because I love gin and have a lot of it in my house.

**Side note: this works for any flavour and any white spirit.**


1 litre of Gin

200g of Raspberries [fresh OR frozen]

2 tbsp of Coconut Sugar


1. Pour the gin into a sealable glass container and carefully drop in the fruit.

2. Leave for 1-3 months.

3. Decant and sieve. I also put it through a muslin to make sure it’s completely free of any fruit.

4. Add sugar to taste.

5. [Hopefully] come out of social distancing with some fruity new homemade alcohol!


Until next time,


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