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Your gut bacteria is unique and impacts your health, more so than I’d ever known. There are so many new studies popping up recently showing the correlation between the state of your gut bacteria and your health so I decided to dig a little deeper into my own…

Your gut bacteria does more than help with digestion, it helps all over the human body which can have an impact on your physical and mental health. Your gut microbiome, as it is called, is the home of bacteria – both ‘good’ and ‘bad’. Here is where your body breaks down what you’ve eaten into the nutrients your body needs to thrive. An unhealthy balance of different bacteria in your body can lead to; Crohn’s disease, Ulcerative colitis and IBS to name a few so it’s really important we maintain a healthy gut microbiome.

Curious about what state my gut was in, I decided to take Atlas Biomed’s ‘Listen To Your Gut’ Microbiome Test.

But Atlas Biomed’s microbiome test offers you so much more than just the results of your gut microbiome.

Now, full disclosure: you post your poo as part of the test. Yes you read that correctly: you need to put a sample of your poo in a test tube and send it in the post for their lab to analyse it.

A very strange Tuesday morning of mine if I’m being honest with you but I learnt so much over the six or seven weeks that followed, it was definitely worth it!

After you send off your poo *still chuckling about it* you get a new email every week discussing everything from probiotics to genetic testing and what you need to know about it all.

After you get your results you get a weekly list of foods you should include in your grocery shop specifically to improve and aid your gut, tailored from your test results. The service is above and beyond!

I have learnt how microbes protect you from disease and I now understand how diet affects the gut bacteria.

Your gut bacteria changes and evolves as your eating habits do. What you eat every day makes up your unique microbiome profile and can even alter from external factors like; your environment, antibiotics and even stress.


Onto my test results because I know how nosey you all are and that’s what you’re really here for!

I have a low risk of ulcerative colitis, diabetes II and coronary heart disease and an average risk of obesity and Crohn’s disease. Now, Atlas Biomed’s testing doesn’t show the actual disease or risk but represents the defense score your body has to a disease. It also isn’t permanent, the results can change over time with a change of environment or nutrition. Atlas Biomed offer recommendations to manage the risks in the future.

I have been informed that I should increase my microbiome’s potential for Vitamin B5 synthesis [as it is low] and B5 helps to regulate the immune system and facilitates the absorption of other vitamins, quite important then!!

My shopping list of foods for this week are foods that feed the beneficial gut bacteria that produce Vitamin B5, foods such as; apples, cashew nuts, lime, bamboo shoots, yacon [anyone know what this is?], spinach and sweet potato.

I also need to look into taking a probiotic. Now this is something I have been thinking about for quite some time, I just haven’t put into action. But after seeing these test results it will be the first change I implement!

Another result I received was my microbiome type. They classify you into one of three types; Grain Lover, Western Gourmand and Veggie Muncher. I am a Veggie Muncher and this doesn’t surprise me one bit. I snack on vegetables in between my larger meals and aim to eat 7-10 different vegetables a day.

I am 100% a veggie muncher and proud!

It also says I don’t consume many simple sugars, I am able to break down tough fibre and have a low risk of colorectal cancer! How much more do you want to know about your body?!

Again, your microbiome type is something that can change over time if you drastically change your diet or environment.

I mean the amount of information you are given about your body and how to improve your health and more importantly [in my mind] a simple insight as to why it will improve your health is outstanding!

On top of that, there’s references for every scientific paper used to generate my report. That’s the highest level of transparency and detail that you’ll come across, I’m sure of it…

Because of this, I have so much information to share with you that is just too great for one post so I’m going to be sharing more and more of this journey as I look to improve my gut microbiome and the ways in which I go about doing it.

Interested in finding out about your own gut microbiome? You can purchase your own test here.

A sponsored post but something I am so thrilled to have done and been able to learn more about my body. This comes highly recommended from me!!!

Until next time,

This article is kindly sponsored by Atlas Biomed.

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