Life Update: I’ve Set Myself A Challenge

Day 1/100

Have you ever found yourself in a fitness rut? Lacking motivation, no real goal in mind to give you that extra push to keep you working out? That’s me right now. I knew my energy levels were down and my mood wasn’t great. I also knew that hitting the gym and getting in a sweaty session would improve both those things but I kept finding myself cancelling planned workouts and booked classes.

I had to come up with a plan, find a way to get me back into the gym and more importantly, get me to want to go back to the gym day after day and week after week.

Meet my 100 day challenge.

I have had a set of daily targets programmed on my Garmin smart watch since I got it. The targets include; 12,000 steps and 15 flights of stairs everyday with 250 minutes of moderate exercise per week.

I’ve set myself the challenge of hitting those targets every single day for the next one hundred days.

I’ve no idea what is going to happen but, as always, I will keep you informed of how things go!

Until next time,

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