A Treat This Mothers’ Day

Struggling for an idea of what to do this Mothers’ Day?

Duck & Dry have got you covered!

This Mothers’ Day they have a special offer of blow dries for 2 followed by brunch at Farm Girl Café for just £40/pp. As an early treat for my Mummy I took her along with me to go and test out the offer to make sure it was up to scratch for all of you!

With a lookbook of blow dry results to choose from you can pick the exact style you’re looking for. Mummy P+P went for simple tong waves to add some texture to her blow dry. I ended up deciding on something slightly more high maintenance and 1950’s inspired.

After plenty of peppermint tea and giggling with the D&D girls we made the short walk over to Farm Girl Café on Park Walk.

After eating here I can’t believe I hadn’t been before!

Spot the flamingo!

The back of the café has a beautiful skylight [perfect lighting for the ‘gram!]

We had pots of fresh root ginger and fresh mint tea to start while we gossiped away on what news we’d missed since we were last together.

The staff at Farm Girl Café were so warm and attentive, which always makes the experience far more enjoyable!

Mum picked the Farm Bowl that was drizzled with a tarragon dressing that I need the recipe for! The bowl contained mixed leaves, roasted chicken, pear, chilli walnuts, pomegranate, avocado, alfalfa sprouts and goats cheese.

I picked the gluten-free House Granola that contained a nutty blend of oats, elderflower and orange zest served with coconut yoghurt and berries. This was utterly delicious and I could have this for breakfast every morning!

I also loved all their mismatching crockery, something I am definitely going to start doing!

So this Mothers’ Day, treat your Mother to a blow dry and brunch in their Chelsea or Soho venues. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves!

Until next time,

*DISCLAIMER: This offer was kindly gifted to me, but as always, all opinions are my own.*

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