My Microgap To Bristol

I have been to Bristol so many times but I didn’t realise that I had never really seen it.

Until now…

Did you know the infamous camera-shy Banksy started in Bristol? The street artist started his career spray-painting the streets of Bristol and some of his early artwork still remains today.

Take a look at a few pieces we saw on a tour with Where The Wall.

The top half of this is an early Banksy…

Bristol’s street walls are covered in incredible graffiti, you can’t look in any direction without finding a piece of street art in view. BUT back when Banksy first started it was illegal to spray paint so some of his very early work was done with the risk of an arrest hanging over his head.

That is high steaks for art!

After our walk around Bristol, we got our hands dirty and tried spray painting for ourselves.

Definitely not as easy as it looks…

Ready for my finished masterpiece…??

If I start a new career as a street artist, this could fetch a pretty penny one day!

We all got stuck in and some people clearly have much more of an artistic flair than I do!!

Then we moved on to something I was much better at…

…drinking gin!!!

The Milk Thistle in Bristol has a simple townhouse exterior, so much so that we walked straight passed it without realising. The speakeasy has an incredible history we were taught all about and it’s definitely a taste-testing session I recommend trying if you’re ever in the area!

We ended up trying several gins and there were even a few I’d never tried before which is always a lovely surprise! Four Pillars was one of the new tries for me and probably my favourite. So smooth!


We had a full history of alcohol in Bristol and why this speakeasy existed. It was fascinating.

I, of course, ended up behind the bar!

shot by: @londonviewpoints

shot by: @londonviewpoints

shot by: @londonviewpoints

shot by: @londonviewpoints

We then got straight back to what we do best…taking photos. Every street you turn down in Bristol is gorgeous so we couldn’t help ourselves!!

Have you ever been to Bristol, let me know! Are there any other places I should visit??

Until next time,

*This was part of a paid press trip with Visit England.*

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