Overhauling My Daily Routine

I didn’t start the beginning of the year the way I really wanted to. You know, the “new year, new me” mantra…

Nothing dramatic happened or affected my life which I think made trying to sort through my feelings even more confusing.

Nothing has happened to you Jessy so pull yourself together and get back to what you should be doing.

I spiralled a little, eating when emotional to try and get that kick of endorphins but eating the wrong foods [high in sugar, a lot of processed foods, too much saturated fat] which just pushed me deeper and deeper into this darker space. I woke up most days angry and irritated or anxious and irrational and couldn’t find my way out of those moods for most of the day. I ignored everything I knew about nutrition and fitness and let myself get worse and worse.

I knew I had to find a way to climb out of this fog when it really started to affect my work. I was struggling to write anything, I couldn’t focus for long stretches of time and what I was producing just wasn’t up to my high standards I have always set myself.

So I started writing it all down, what I was feeling, where I think the emotions were stemming from, I started a bit of a food diary to see if it was certain foods that weren’t helping with my mood swings.

It helped me so much.

I never read back over any of it as it was so cathartic just to write down what was running through my head in the moment and articulating the emotions that were tying me up in knots inside.

After I wrote it all down, cried it all out, I started writing lists. Lists of what I wanted in my life, my career and then I started creating smaller to-do lists to help me achieve the smaller steps to eventually get me there.

I started by getting back to basics with everything. My routine, my nutrition and my movement. I found it helpful to start small and build, so no big plans to hit the gym 6 times a week and make every meal super nutritious. The likelihood is you’d crash and burn from not being able to keep up such a drastically changed schedule and end up back where you started!

So I made small daily and weekly targets to hit and started to slowly build from there.

There is something oh so gratifying about ticking the final item off on your to-do list a the end of your day. Doing this daily has been a tremendous help to me, not only mentally but my organisation has definitely improved!

You know I’m always honest with you so I want to let you know that I’ve done all this and I do still wobble occasionally but my mindset has returned to starting the day bright and clear – fulled by a great night of sleep, nutritional food and a body that has mindfully moved throughout the day.

I am so much happier and stronger and I can’t wait to see where this takes me this year!

Until next time,

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