The True Demands Of A Blonde

As any blonde, natural or bottle, knows well – it can be tough to maintain your colour. For me, I am naturally dark blonde but with very yellow undertones so when I bleach it the first colours that creep back through are yellow which I hate! On me, they just don’t look great so I do everything I can to keep them at bay. This usually means paying an expensive trip to the hairdressers to tone my hair and keep it the fresh white/silver I enjoy being.

I discovered Neal & Wolf a few months ago and they’ve been in my shower rack ever since but it is only since I found their Purple Brightening Shampoo & Conditioner that they’ve become a staple for me.

My bleached blonde locks stay that ice-white colour I try so desperately to hold on to for so much longer when I regularly shower with their Blonde haircare so I couldn’t wait to tell you all about them!

For me, their Blonde range is perfect. In between visits to the hairdresser my hair tries its hardest to show the world how yellow it truly is. Their blonde Shampoo and Conditioner duo not only leaves my hair that beautiful white colour I pay a fortune for but actually allows me to leave bigger gaps between hairdresser appointments. Saving me money and maintaining the great condition my hair is in.

Neal and Wolf have talked about their Blonde collection, saying; “Blonde has been specifically designed to protect and enhance blonde or lightened hair. Our unique blend of Pro-Vitamins B5 and glycerine offers long-lasting colour protection while safely neutralising brassy tones, to ensure luxuriously healthy and brighter hair.

Neal & Wolf products have previously been nominated for top hair care awards. Their ‘Harmony’ range was a Hair Awards 2018 finalist. The range is sulphate free, paraben free, DEA free, TEA free and cruelty free. What’s actually in the bottle is therefore a combination of the best ingredients such as; nutrient-rich camellia seed oil and argan oil, to leave you with shiny, healthy, manageable hair.

Neal & Wolf have a much vaster range of products, beyond the shampoo and conditioner combination.

With thermal protection spray, a collection of both styling and finishing products as well as a Home & Body selection of candles, diffusers and body lotion and a Men’s Collection.

Have you tried Neal & Wolf before?

I can’t believe I have only been using them these last few months but I am so excited to get to tell you about them and show you my continued journey with them!

Until next time,

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