Refreshing Citrus and Ginger Tonic

London is experiencing some incredible heat this bank holiday weekend so I needed to rustle up something cool and refreshing with what was lying around my kitchen. The end result was this lemonade-like concoction!

I always put fruit that’s on its date in ziploc bags and in my freezer. Usually it’s to put in a gin & tonic…

Handy tip: freeze the garnishes you put in your spirit and mixer (or even just water to jazz it up) as it keeps the drink colder for longer!

…but I ended up using the slices of root ginger, lemon and lime in this alcohol-free drink this time.

In a few hours I could definitely add in a little gin or rum…

So grab yourself a bottle of tonic water, a handful of ice and whatever fruit you can get your hands on!

In my fruity tonic:


500ml Tonic Water

3 Lemons

2 Limes

2 thumbs of peeled Root Ginger

1 tpsn Honey

and a handful of ice.


Put it all in a jug, mix and enjoy!

Have a safe bank holiday weekend everyone. If you’re in the sunshine please wear a high SPF and drink plenty of water.

Until next time,

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