Relationship Weight Gain

Have you ever fallen in love and found yourself a few months later feeling a little ‘fluffier’ around the edges?

The realisation happened for me around May last year when I was trying to get ready for my trip to Ibiza with my best friend the following month and everything that I tried on from my summer wardrobe felt uncomfortably tight. It was in that moment that I decided to take a much more cautious effort around the meals I consumed and push a little harder to make more of an effort with my workouts.

Being in a new relationship means a lot of date nights and meals out or Deliveroos with a movie snuggled on the sofa. I enjoyed the lie-ins together on weekends when I would have usually been at a workout class, I came straight from work to have dinner with my boyfriend and as a result I generally became a little lazy with my healthy lifestyle.

But with some really simple switches I was able to turn it around AND still spend plenty of time with the boyfriend and enjoy dinners out with friends. I have really enjoyed getting back on track working towards my leaner body again.

Want to know how I did it? Keep reading….

  1. Switch takeaways for healthier options – these days there are actually healthy takeaway options so if you really are too lazy to cook, steer clear of Domino’s and your local Chinese (which is full of sugar), find yourself somewhere like Bill’s where you can order cleaner yet still completely moreish dishes!
  2. Prioritise your health – make sure you make time to be alone, fit in a run or a quick HIIT home workout, prep tomorrow’s meals or read a book in a quiet space. Make time to put yourself first every once in a while.
  3. Small changes add up – make time to meal prep, use your lunch hour at work to fit in a workout…Little changes will make a big difference in the long term, so start them now!
  4. Find ways to enjoy working out again – for me a big part of gaining my relationship weight was from a lack of motivation for my training. I forgot the real reason I went to the gym when it was still dark outside at goodness knows how early o’clock in the morning! I trained for the boost of energy it gave me to tackle the day ahead, it was also a way to let off steam in the evening after a particularly trying day. Once I pushed myself back into a rhythm I got to fall in love with fitness all over again. Maybe also try dragging along your other half to a class and see if working out is something you can enjoy doing together (this definitely won’t be happening for me but it might work for you!)
  5. Consistency is key – A week of meal prepping, planning training sessions and executing them 4-5 times a week isn’t going to do much if you go straight back to being lazy when it gets tougher to stick to. Working out 5 times a week is too much time to consistently commit to? Make it 3. But then stick to those 3. Consistently working out and eating healthy in an 80/20 rule of thumb is going to get you the results you want long-term without risking your health and leaving you unlikely to put all that weight back on.
  6. Eat pizza – I am actually someone who loves healthy food. My body thrives off it so I’m happy to oblige by supplying it with the foods it loves. However, I love pizza and because of this I have never deprived myself of any foods or food groups and you shouldn’t either. I tend to have one or two meals a week that don’t entirely fit into the “healthy” category as such. I don’t call them cheats or treats, good or bad, there is so much negativity around food that isn’t healthy. One meal you eat in a week with more calories in it than you usually enjoy is not going to ruin all your progress, in fact, it kind of keeps me sane.
  7. Choose a healthier option – I used to pick a richer dish on the menu when I went out to dinner. When this happened once every other week it wasn’t a problem, as you go out more and more it starts to become a habit. This is something I am still working on, when someone else is cooking for you it is easy to pick something elaborate off the menu to enjoy. But if you are dining out two or three times a week I suggest picking lighter options. I always search for a white fish dish first then make sure my plate is loaded up with veggies. Simple, tasty and a healthier option to a lot of richer foods likely to be crowding out that menu!

I hope my experience helps a few of you to get back on track with your goals and enjoy doing so!

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  1. July 20, 2018 / 16:20

    I like the layout of your blog! It’s enjoyable to read; your writing is so polished. Great post with great advice! My boyfriend and I just recently got into the habit of cooking together quite often instead of eating out so much – it’s healthier and it saves money. Also, it’s a great way to still have that time to eat together and spend time with each other.

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