Sakagura London, Mayfair

If you visit one London restaurant this month, I highly suggest you make it Sakagura. This Japanese restaurant is located just off Regent Street and contains a very extensive sake list with its own sommelier (that I look forward to going back an extensively sampling!)

I am a huge fan of Japanese cuisine so as soon as I found out about Sakagura, it went straight to the top of my list of places to eat out at.

I dragged the boyfriend along, who is as much of a foodie as I am, for the night and we went home with the same review: best dining experience we’ve had in a long time!

Not just the food but the whole experience. The place is large and was packed when we were there but somehow not at all noisy. The waiting staff were so friendly and accommodating and knew the menu and possible adaptations so well which isn’t the norm anymore, it was a lovely detail to a wonderful night.

Make sure you grab yourself a partially secluded booth, allowing yourself some privacy to sit and chat and enjoy your meal – definitely the best seats in the place!

We ordered the biggest selection off the menu so we could try a little of everything and loved that it came as it was prepared so we could really enjoy each dish.

First up was a sashimi boat (of course)…

He couldn’t even wait for the photo to be taken…

*rolls eyes*

Salmon, tuna and seabass are on the 15 piece option. I had never had sea bass sashimi before and since the dinner have actually gone and hunted down where I can buy sea bass sashimi because it tasted that good!

I also love making sushi at home so I have had a lot of experience with raw fish and this was incredibly high quality, melt-in-your-mouth food. My only note with the boat would be that it’s more likely than not that you’ll be coming to a restaurant in 2s or 4s so three pieces of each probably isn’t the most sensible split.

Salmon and avocado is now a classic pairing and in sushi it’s one of my favourites!

The only thing I regret about this meal is not ordering a second plate of these pork dumplings. Any meat eaters out there? This one is for you! I am always very picky about the dough and these were sublime.

Date night calls for some wine…

I love the amount of smaller dishes on the menu.

I prefer to try as much as possible on a menu as it’s rare I like the look of just one dish, so Sakagura’s menu is my idea of heaven!

So much prawn tempura…

The skewers are an absolute must. We had pork belly…

Chicken Karaage with mayo and shichimi spice…

This chicken was definitely my favourite dish. On our way home (this is how sad my boyfriend and I are) we couldn’t stop talking about the Chicken Karaage! I really need to email Sakagura to see if they will hand over the recipe because otherwise I’m going to be spending a lifetime trying to perfect it in my kitchen.

I couldn’t recommend a restaurant more. Everyone I have seen since, I’ve recommended it to so I thought I should shout it from the rooftops (well, my laptop in my office) and tell you all too.

If you’ve been, let me know what you liked the best in the comments below. And if you haven’t and have any questions I’ll answer them in the comments as well!

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