Steps To A Healthier You: II

Anytime I meet up with old friends or get to meet someone from our fabulous community, I without-a-doubt always get asked for some quick and easy ways to further their attempts at achieving their personal goals. So I thought I’d put up some of these tips as mini posts, let me know if you like them and what you would like tips about!


There is so much information out there about about how to exercise but still so many people have a lot of questions.

How long should I workout for?

How often should I workout?

When should I take a rest day, how many should I have in a week?

How many days of cardio? Should I be lifting heavy?

What time of day is best to workout?

The NHS recommends “150 minutes of moderate aerobic activity” every week. That includes brisk walking and cycling. As well as 2 strength sessions that work all the major muscles in the body. I do small circuits in the gym with dumbbells for a full body workout.

Another option is “75 minutes of vigorous aerobic activity” every week. This includes running or a game of singles tennis every week. As well as 2 strength sessions that work all the major muscles in the body.

I tend to split my 150 minutes of brisk walking over 3 morning LISS sessions in the gym but simply taking half an hour in your lunch hour Monday-Friday fills the requirement! On two other days

When it comes to rest days I just listen to my body. I tend to take between 1 and 3 when I’m not travelling. It just depends on how hard I’ve pushed my body in workouts the previous days, unfortunately it’s not an exact science as every body reacts differently.

And the best time of day to workout is at the time that it fits into your day. For me, mornings are best because I have the most energy and no time to make excuses not to go!!

Was this helpful? Any other topics you want me to cover?

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  1. Gemma
    April 4, 2019 / 16:04

    This was amazing to read!! So inspiring and can’t wait to read more of your others💗💗 xx

    • jessrachelball
      January 19, 2021 / 14:23

      thank you so much!

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