Taking Time To Recharge Ourselves

What would happen if we took the time to recharge ourselves as much as we do our phones?

I am always go go go when it comes to my work, twelve plus hour days seven days a week. At the moment, that’s what my career entails and I don’t have a problem with that. I love what I do and I know I’m lucky that I get to say that but I do sometimes struggle to balance it all; my job, family, friends, boyfriend and time for myself can be difficult to juggle.

I have had two days off work to properly celebrate my 25th birthday this week. Two days to catch up with my loved ones and take the time to do very little else. It was very unlike me!

What I found?

 It was hard!

Don’t get me wrong, I have been waking up calmer and more relaxed, I have more energy and I really enjoy that. It took me a while to truly let go from my work life mindset and when I did – honestly – I was just knackered.

I knew this would happen, as soon as I stop I feel like a truck has hit me and I want to sleep for a week. But whilst I’m in the work bubble I feel strong and capable, so I forget to take better care of my mental health.

Two days off though seemed to be my limit…

Yesterday I got really anxious and I don’t tend to feel that way (my resting heart rate was 120bpm and it is usually in the high fifties).

I was desperate to reach for my laptop, to post on my social media pages, write an article, respond to my emails. I know I’m a workaholic and I accept that about myself. I thrive on planning, creating and executing a new campaign. I love how invested I get with a new client without the need to motivate myself to get out of bed everyday and will myself to get the work done. But I need to be able to create my own version of a weekend every week. I know I need to learn to find a better balance for me and find a way to take time off that works for me and not just do it around my birthday!

I also need to learn not to use work as a crutch. If I can do this, then maybe it will become easier for me to take time off.

When something is off-balance in my life I reach for my laptop. I find my blog is in reality just my diary. It contains the food I cook, the restaurants I frequent, the ways I stay fit, the countries I visit, my mental health journey, the clothes I wear and so on.

Writing on here keeps me sane.

And trust me when I tell you that’s a scary thing to admit! I come on this platform as well as my social media pages and give you updates on my life, I tell you how I deal with my busy schedule that can cause trouble at times with my mind, I let you wonderful people into my life and I figure what is the point in doing that if I’m not being 100% honest?

Still, it is frightening at times to put into words that I don’t always have it together.

That’s okay though because who does??

 In my opinion it’s how you handle those moments that shows your true colours!

You can lash out at the world, curse about your misfortune and beat yourself up (I’ve definitely been down this route in previous years)


you can find a few ways that calm your body and mind and put you in a better headspace allowing you to finish what was making you so worked up in the first place.

Easier said than done, hey?

Mindfulness in exercise and pampering are my favourite ways to recharge my body and mind.

I find that if I skip doing any of this for longer than a few days I start to get fidgety and irritable so I know my body needs them and responds well to them but every body and mind is different and what works for me won’t necessarily work for you.

For me, a warm lavender-fragrance bubble bath and polishing head-to-toe with scrubs, oils and masks gives me a few hours away from technology to take my mind off any troubles or anxiety. It’s important “me time” I am learning to schedule into my week more and more and has been giving me a chance to catch up on my reading! I also love being wrapped up in my towels and breaking out my adult colouring books – it allows my concentration to focus on the task at hand and not have a chance to stray to more stressful topics.

Fitness for me has really become a way to relieve stress, move my body and break up my day. It used to be me running for as long as I could, punishing my body for not being the shape I wanted it to be. Now I run around parks and enjoy the tunnels of trees, running on grass and seeing people going about their day. My mindset has changed from punishment to pleasure and now I look forward to working out, the release of endorphins keeping me smiling all day long for the right reasons now!

“What would happen if we took the time to recharge ourselves as much as we do our phones?”

This quote made me think and reevaluate a few aspects of my life, I hope it (and this blog post) can help you too.

Until next time,

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