The Truth About Air Pollution On Your Skin

I am a born and bred Londoner. I’ve lived here all my 27 years but only recently have I begun to understand the implications, of living in the third worst city for air quality in Europe, on my skin.

Slowly over the last few years I have begun to realise that what I put on my body can be just as important as what I put in it. More than beneficial for my skin though, I want to use products from brands that limit their destructive footprint on the environment.

Guudcure’s collections ‘Age Balance’ and ‘Pollution Free’ follow this to the letter. No silicones, parabens, sulphates, dyes and their anti-pollution range contains Zeolite. Zeolites are a porous structure used as absorbents. They protect the skin from polluting agents and Guudcure’s range is also incredibly hydrating, what’s not to love??

Guudcure call it an “urban skin solution” as they use the power of nature against pollution. Over the years air pollution has been increasing causing more and more problems for the outer layer of skin of the people who live in such areas. Impurities build up over time on the surface of this outer layer, the epidermis. As the impurities build up, they have an effect of the quality of the skin and can increase its sensitivity and produce a dull complexion.

I am currently loving slathering myself in Guudcure’s Pollution Free Body Lotion. It’s quite light which I love and not only makes my skin soft and hydrated but prevents the build up of impurities and protects the skin from pollution.

Those small, under-the-skin bumps I used to get on the tops of my arms and backs of my legs are gone and I’m about to make a purchase for more of their range, especially the Refreshing Protective Anti-Pollution Face Spray!

Have you tried any products that help your skin fight the polluted world we live in?

Let me know in the comments below!

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All products shown have been kindly gifted by Guudcure, Neal & Wolf, Origins and Freshly Cosmetics.
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