Visit The Black Forest

I was invited down to the Underground Cookery School by Visit Black Forest to learn how to construct a traditional Black Forest gateau. Naturally, I said yes. Cake and schnapps, always a yes!

Little did I know that the winning partnership would get to go and visit the Black Forest…somewhere you might know I have been and fallen in love with before.

Cici and I took it very seriously, as seriously as two girls who had already drunk a bottle of wine together could take a cake decorating evening!

A traditional Black Forest Gateau was baked, chilled and waiting for our eager selves to get started.

First things first, the wine glasses needed refilling (again).

Then it was onto business…

We were introduced to Chef Fritz who had flown over from Germany to take us through the decorating process but spoke perhaps 7 words of English which definitely made for an entertaining exchange throughout the evening.

As we started I was pleasantly surprised to find out a lot of schnapps was involved in the creation of a gateau. After my partner in crime Cici expertly sliced the cake into three pieces we were told to sprinkle some of the schnapps over the first layer.

*cue ‘taste-testing’ the schnapps and soaking the cake with the rest*

Next required a whisk and me apologising in advanced for getting cream all over Cici (I would like to point out that there was minimal spillage at this stage and I was thanked by Cici for this being the case!)

The finished product was very tasty. Luckily Cici and I didn’t have anything to do with the baking, just the decorating!

Something was clearly very funny…

Drum roll please…

Such a great evening, full of friendly competition, wine and food with passionate and creative people.

Of course, you’ll be coming along with me on the trip to Germany. You can follow the day-to-day action on my Instagram: @popcornandpyjamas when I head off to explore more of the Black Forest and what the area has to offer, along with a lot of other travel these next few months. I am escaping what I’m sure will be another underwhelming British summer. Think Spain, The Channel Islands, Indonesia, The South of France…keep your travel bug alive living through my adventures!

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