Wellness In South-West Germany

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll know I visited Germany this summer. I was asked to come along for a wellness-focused trip and I returned so much more relaxed but also totally inspired…

Taking a lunchtime Ryan Air flight I tucked into my latest read (Scrappy Little Nobody by Anna Kendrick – her humour is just so perfectly dry for me taste!) but ended up sleeping the entire flight (of course). I was soon to find out that Fly Baden had sat the face behind All About U blog and I next to each other on the flight. We had both been fast asleep so didn’t have the chance to discover this in the air!

We all piled into the rather warm minivan and got to know each other better on the way to our first hotel. We were six influencers who had been asked to discover the area within a certain topic. There was May discovering the local food & drink, Rebecca for hiking and outdoors from All About U blog that I previously mentioned, Sarah with the wonderfully named family blog Extraordinary Chaos, Luke who focused on education and Oliver who focused on the culture the South West had to offer. I was given the topic of Wellness. I thought it fit very nicely into what I talk about all the time and I figured a few spa days in Germany couldn’t hurt!

As we arrived at the hotel we were immediately whisked off on a tour of our first stop: Baden-Baden.

We were shown beautiful architecture

stunning landscapes

And a hot spring (if you do visit Baden-Baden, I can vouch for the spring being very hot (sixty degrees hot) so please be careful and don’t just stick your hand under there (this is definitely not me talking from experience…)

After dinner we all got very dressed up and headed to the casino, it’s a large part of Baden-Baden’s history so we couldn’t wait to see inside.

The place had a grand entrance with high ceilings and every inch of the place looked the definition of luxury!

We all ended the night winners and retired to bed for an early start the next morning.

I spent the morning of the second day wandering around Baden-Baden and exploring the area a little more. The architecture of the area is stunning and I ended up at the Caracalla baths.

You walk in to this serene and calming atmosphere. Waterfalls flow down rock walls into plunge pools, saunas and steam rooms (clothing optional), swim between indoors and out without leaving the comfort of the heated pool – paradise!

I had to tear myself away far too soon as we packed up our bags and headed off to Karlsruhe.

After a late night at the casino I slept the whole transfer!

When we arrived in Karlsruhe I was handed a map of the area, of the tram lines and a tram card. Told to get to a certain location and to leave now because the transfer had taken a little longer than expected and I was already running slightly late. Well…what could possibly go wrong?!

With snacks in tow I found a tram stop but it took me almost 10 minutes to figure out which side of the road I needed to be on! Looking very out of place I hopped on the tram and crossed my fingers.

With a few minutes to spare I found myself at Europabad.

Trust me when I say you can spend the entire day here and never get bored!

Once I tried out everything Europabad had to offer (except the naked sauna – no clothing wasn’t optional here!!) I escaped to the Black Forest to see if it lived up to everything I had heard about it.

Again attempting public transport I manage to make it to one of the most beautiful towns!

I hiked for over half an hour, working up a sweat in the thirty degree heat and leaving after a meditation with a Cheshire cat grin plastered from ear to ear on my face!

The last day we spent at Europa Park.

It was such a wonderful experience for my inner child.

The park is split into 15 parts which are decorated into different countries. They are designed down to the last detail! You walk into the park into Spain, along with the bright and vibrant colours you hear Spanish music in the background, the Spanish flag flying through the cobbled streets and flamenco dancers towering above you on stilts.

You can have lunch in Italy, explore Greece, and walk along the canal in Venice.

After lunch I was whisked away to try out some of Hotel Colosseo’s spa facilities.

 It was such a mentally rewarding trip for me. I was pampered so much and got to experience so many relaxing elements to Germany. I normally come back from a holiday and feel like I’ve done so much I need another but this was just right! Thank you Fly Baden for such a fantastic trip.

Definitely need to make my way back there soon…

Until next time,


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