Yauatcha, Soho

As a foodie who loves dim sum it seems quite crazy to most that up until last week I had never stepped foot inside a Yauatcha restaurant.

“A dim sum teahouse offering contemporary Cantonese dim sum, patisserie inspired by European culinary techniques and Asian ingredients, and an extensive range of tea, wine and cocktails.”

With venues in London, India, US and Saudi Arabia I chose to explore their restaurant in Soho, London.

This year welcomes the year of the Earth Pig. The Pig is the twelfth animal in the Chinese zodiac and is considered a social animal encouraging conversation and it is said to create a calming and positive year.

Chinese New Year kicked off on Tuesday 5th February and Yauatcha created the perfect tasting menu to celebrate!

I took my best friend with me who is a Yauatcha expert in comparison to me and the first thing she did was demand I order a Hakka cocktail. Something that isn’t actually on the menu but a vodka coconut cocktail dream!

Wild mushroom dumping, spicy scallop dumpling and prawn and chicken shui mai.

The spicy scallop is out of this world!

This baked lamb puff dim sum could possibly be my favourite part of the set menu. I could have eaten 10 in a row.

This monk fish was very special. Succulent fish wrapped in a very light batter and dunked in a sweet and sour sauce followed by a prawn tofu version.

Pork belly and sticky rice. I was unbelievably full at this point and took half of this home with me to enjoy the next day…which I did!

Feeling like I might burst at this point dessert was brought out. But everyone has a separate dessert stomach, right?

And I always struggle to say no to anything chocolate!

This limited-edition set menu gets a lot of high praise from me and isn’t around for much longer so head on down there while it’s still available and let me know what you think!

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