Never heard of Abel & Cole before? Don’t worry, neither had I until a delicious box of healthy goodies appeared on my front doorstep this week.

A few weeks ago my curiosity for juicing had officially peaked. I was reading all the research and juicing or blending everything I could get my hands on. As such, my mother – who had previously heard of Abel & Coel – was visited by one of their salespersons and ordered a green vegetable juicing box to see what it was all about.

The box of unknown green goodies arrived this week and I was pleasantly surprised with the amount that was inside. I have never seen such a big bag of kale!

Inside there was:
– broccoli
– kale
– 3 cucumbers
– 2 lemons
– 5 apples
– bag of fresh mint
– fresh root ginger

It made some delicious smoothies this week and have now set up a weekly standing order with them.

What I loved most about the delivery though was the “Veg Box Companion”. A bright, colourful 250-page free guide to the foods you’ll get and which seasons you’re likely to receive them. After that each fruit or vegetable gets a double-page spread detailing storage tips, foods that pair well with the item and a recipe you can try out for yourself at home.

Bear in mind “green vegetable juicing” is just one of several options with A&C. Souping boxes, fruit boxes, the world is your oyster! (As long as the world you’re interested in only involves organic food from locally sourced farms!)

I can’t wait to wake up to my next delivery on Tuesday!!


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