I Have An Aesthetic Goal

Today I took some “before” fitness photos and started a journey towards a stronger and leaner me.

But I am utterly terrified to tell you about it.

I am 5ft 1″ and a size 8/10 and in an age of self-love and loving your body no matter its shape or size, I guess I worry that wanting to get leaner will be thought of as me not loving my body in it’s current state [which I do].

In my mind I see it as just another challenge I’ve set myself. But I plan on going about it the same way I do everything else, without letting it affect my life and my enjoyment of it!

However this online world seems to be flooded right now with self-love, body positivity and the social media world has seemingly rejected the idea that we are allowed aesthetic goals and more to the point allowed to tell others about them.

I have an aesthetic goal.

There, I said it.

I visited Orangetheory Fitness and InBody in February and they did a full physical exam on me. My score was 75/100 [a muscular person can score over 100 points]. With full transparency I thought I’d share my results now and my results in 3 months time!

Weight: 54.6 kg [high end of ‘normal’ for my age and height]

BMI: 23 [high end of ‘normal’]

Body Fat %: 29.7 [slightly over the ‘average’ range]

Visceral Fat Level: 7 [slightly below ‘average’ – which is 10]

Arm Muscle: 1.91 kg [‘normal’]

Leg Muscle: 5.08 kg [under ‘average’]

What it all really means is that my body fat percentage is considered high for someone of my age and height and I could do with building up the muscle in my legs!

My main concern is I genetically hold my weight around my torso which means my body is more likely to hold fat around my vital organs. Although my visceral fat levels are lower than average [which is a good thing]], my body fat percentage is almost 30% which worries me a little, from the perspective of my health.

Since then I’ve not been very active and I’ve gained about another 2kgs.

Please note: for the record, I don’t ever weigh myself under normal circumstances – I couldn’t tell you what I weighed at any point last year – I am simply doing this to show you the numbers as a reference.

So I’m going to aim for the body recommendations from InBody which are the following:

Target Weight: 51 kg [-3.6 kg]

Fat Control: 11.7 kg [-4.5 kg]

Muscle Control: +0.9 kg

[Me: January 2018]

I have always remained quite consistent in my nutrition, I love “good mood food” as I like to call my healthy lifestyle but I have never found a clear and consistent path when it comes to my fitness. It’s something that doesn’t come naturally to me and I don’t always enjoy it. So I think the biggest part of this challenge will be for me to find an exercise programme that I truly enjoy and that I’m happy to execute 3-5 times a week for the next few months.

I do find fitness to be a great outlet for me but as I try and negotiate with myself to go to the gym I can lose sight of that!

So that’s the goal, as always I will bring you along with me every step on the way on Instagram.

Until next time,

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