What Becoming A Personal Trainer Taught Me

I’ve put this article in my ‘fitness’ section but really it fits in almost every category I write about on here.

The experience of gaining my Level 3 PT qualification was so much more than I expected it to be.

This qualification not only means I am able to help so many others in the future (like I had hoped) but I have been able to make huge changes to my own training!

I learned about fitness, relationships with food, business, how to organise my time better, how to balance a social life with a very busy work schedule, not just how to train somebody.

I have been training pretty regularly now for the last 3 years and I’m almost certain that every weights session was done ‘wrong’, what I’m certain of is I definitely wasn’t pushing my body remotely close to its limits.

It just goes to show that no matter how much you know, you can always learn more.

The guys at No. 1 Fitness are unbelievable and I honestly couldn’t recommend learning with them enough!

So many thank yous go to Harry, Paul and Ben who answered every question in our physical learning sessions and streams of Whatsapps outside of lessons. These guys spoilt us and went above and beyond to help us learn everything in the syllabus to pass but also worked with us on everything outside of it that gives you a rounded education on everything from the basics of starting your own business as a Personal Trainer to finding gyms to become a part of when you’re fully qualified. They really care about what you do after the course and it shows massively! I can’t imagine a better experience in becoming a fitness instructor and personal trainer.

This is NOT something to do on a whim! I thought to myself ‘oh a PT course, that sounds like good fun. I’ll learn a bit and be totally qualified to show you my workouts’ and so on and so on. No, no, no. I did this whilst currently working 12-14 hour days 6 or 7 days a week and drove myself into the ground! I am so happy I did it but I completely underestimated how much work went into becoming a Level 3 PT (and all the other girls I studied with agreed!). You’re studying every evening with the e-Learning and we did an intensive course of physical sessions every weekend – on both days! All I can say is I that I never thought I’d end up using my Biology A Level but I am so thankful that I had that knowledge because it gives you a big advantage.

I have already signed myself up for a nutritional coaches course with them that I am starting this month so that should tell you how much I enjoyed their course! And I cannot wait to pair the two qualifications and put them to great use next year.

Thank you so much to No.1 Fitness Education for the experience and knowledge that they passed over to me over the last few months! Fancy becoming a PT yourself? Click here to check out the best in the business!

Here’s to putting it into practice in 2018…

Until next time,


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