Dear Granny

I was given so much warning

Now you’re gone and I’m bereft

I know you’d hate us mourning

But I wasn’t ready when you left

I’ll go on, I’ll keep on moving

I’ll try my best to make you proud

Everyday I’ll be improving

In hospital with you I vowed

I’ll make sure I stay in touch

With those who mean the most

And reach out for help and such

From the people I hold close

The days we are at Icart

I’ll try to fight the tears

As old memories flood my heart

To you we all say CHEERS

Winnie The Pooh, oh so wise

That silly old bear, he said;

“A hug is always the right size”

Those words I’ll keep for times ahead

For chocolate cake I’m yearning

This all seems such a theft

I was given so much warning

But I wasn’t ready when you left.


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