Going Caffeine-Free in 2018

*This post is kindly sponsored by Barleycup*

I don’t drink a lot of caffeine myself but I know many of you who read my blog do. As I try my best to write about what will benefit you all, I thought I’d share with you a natural alternative that might help those of you who are trying to give up or reduce caffeine!

Barleycup is a substitute for coffee created with only natural ingredients; cereal grains and roots of plants. Roasted and ground up they use no chemicals, are gluten-free, vegan-friendly and a great source of fibre. They also come in several flavours including their organic option which is my favourite.

Whether you treat it like your morning cup of coffee or choose to get a little creative with it (see my breakfast recipe down below), the instant ability to use the product to get that coffee-taste without the resulting jitters later on in your day has got to be reason enough to try it in my book!

I think a scoop in your morning porridge is the way to go, find out how I make mine by scrolling down…


50g Oats

300ml Almond Milk (or alt.)

1 heaped tspn Barleycup Organic

1 tbsp Agave Nectar

1 tbsp Chocolate Hazelnut Spread

1 handful Frozen Strawberries


  1. Cook oats and milk together until it’s simmered for 5 minutes or so.
  2. Add toppings.
  3. Lick bowl clean.

If you’re thinking of going caffeine-free in 2018 or want to cut back, I think Barleycup is the way to go! Find their products here: www.barleycup.co.uk and they’re also on social media.

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