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If you follow me on Instagram (I am @popcornandpyjamas for those of you who don’t!) you will have seen that I worked with Wowcher towards the end of last year on a few London experiences. I loved the service of the brand so much that I have been using them quite frequently since the new year for all manner of reasons.

Those who know me well, will know the first category I visited on Wowcher’s website was Restaurants and that’s where I found a number of incredible deals on London restaurants that appeared rather high on my foodie bucket list! The first offer that stopped me (is unfortunately no longer available on the website but I highly recommend the restaurant nonetheless) was an ‘8-course tasting menu for two with a glass of fizz’ that was reduced from £98 to £49. An eight course menu with bubbly at £24.50 a head, I was sold!

The restaurant was Inamo and promised to be an interactive experience of Pan-Asian food and you could redeem the offer in any of their locations; Soho, Covent Garden or Camden. My foodie-self was very excited as we walked into their Soho venue and prepared our stomachs for a feast!

We were shown to our table and then were talked through how you would usually order your food if you weren’t having a tasting menu. As we flicked through the options and guessed what we would be served, there was a projector screen above each seat in the restaurant that showed what the meal would look like on the plate in front of you! It is such a cool feature and could end up helping anyone who is really indecisive looking through a menu and not knowing what to order.

We were then told of the camera in the kitchen so you could watch your food being made from the comfort of your own seat. Besides that there were games you could play with the person opposite and you were able to change the pattern of the digital tablecloth covering the table. It was an enjoyable way to pass the moments between being seated and being served our food.

The platters of food simply came when they were ready so you received them fresh from the kitchen.

The first dish that arrived was this Salmon Sashimi on mooli. Each bite was melt-in-mouth perfection. However, as this is a tasting menu for two, I was a little bit confused as to why seven slices were presented to us. It happened with the spring rolls as well when the dish came with five pieces for the two of us. It isn’t just Inamo , I have found this to be the case in so many restaurants.

Is there an odd number of portions rule that I am unaware of? In tapas and starters that are meant for an individual it is a little more understandable. But these days, so many people share food so they can get a taste of more than one dish so why not just make portions an even number and save us the hassle of tearing piping hot spring rolls in half!

Next we were served Salt and Pepper Squid. Fresh crispy baby squid in light tempura dusted with salt & pepper and served with Inamo’s house chilli sauce. For me the sauce was too tangy and the batter could have been crispier but I love squid so it still ended up in my stomach!

Enter the aforementioned five spring rolls…

The Sichuan Chicken was one of my favourite dishes off the tasting menu. I do recommend for those that aren’t so great with spice to limit the amount of this dish you eat. As delicious as it is, it is the sort of spicy food that builds the further through you get. I found it utterly delicious and will definitely be ordering it off the à la carte menu next time I visit.

Last to arrive was half a crispy duck with five spice mix, served with pancakes, cucumber, leeks, and hoi sin sauce. This dish always reminds me of my childhood. My sister always asked to celebrate her birthday at our local Chinese restaurant, it’s a tradition we still perform every year. The part of the meal I enjoyed the most was making your own pancakes. As I got older I started mixing parts of the main courses in and came up with my favourite combinations of flavours. It allowed me to be creative and play with my food. Sorry parents for the mess I’m sure I made!

I do wish this course and the two sushi rolls that came next were the first dishes we received. We were so full by the time these arrived I didn’t get to finish them but they were both amazing.

The two sushi rolls we tried out were the Salmon Tataki and Red Dragon Roll. I am a big fan of salmon (see the reference to my praise of the earlier salmon dish for proof) so I did make sure there were no salmon tataki rolls left, no matter how much my stomach protested at it’s full levels!

Taking a look at the menu after the experience I realise there are so many dishes that I really want to try. The gyozas and char siu buns caught my eye off the Asian Tapas section of the menu before my eyes were drawn to the entire sushi menu, Thai red curry and their Baileys & oreo cheesecake!

I’ll let you know what I think once I get a chance to sample them.

Have you visited one of Inamo’s restaurants? If so, what did you think? And if you haven’t, does it look like the sort of place you want to eat at?

Until next time,

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  1. February 27, 2018 / 12:28

    Oh my goodness! My husband and I are food lovers and world travelers. What an incredible post! We just returned from London and I really wish we had connected earlier to see all of these wonderful places we could go and try! But anyways hehe I thoroughly enjoyed this post and I cannot wait to read more! Xx

    • jessrachelball
      February 27, 2018 / 12:29

      Thank you so much! Oh what a shame. Well hopefully you’ll get to try a few at some point. Thanks for reading! Xx

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