Learning To Look After My Hair

Over the years I have tortured my hair, I didn’t know it at the time but I put my hair through the ringer over and over again. Changing my hair style and colour was a way for me to express myself when I didn’t know how to. If I’m truly honest I think it was a way for me to get attention from those around me, close or not. It was a way for me to be seen when I didn’t think anybody could.

Flitting between blonde and brunette, dip-dying it bright colours, dying the whole lot crazy colours…nothing was off limits!!

Grease lightning parties…

Ibiza boat parties…

If I didn’t have this photo as evidence I don’t think I would believe my hair was ever this long!

My hair was thinning, clumps would come out as I brushed it and the colour was brassy and somehow tinged green.

I was so reluctant to go for the chop to help it get back to a healthy state that I let it get worse and worse. Until finally, I knew one big chop was going to be worth it to give my hair back its bounce.

Lockdown has actually helped me find the time I need to give my hair the love and attention it has been begging me for, for so long! It is also something I have invested in, with hair masks, oils, scalp scrubs, soft brushes and minimal heat.

Because of the progress I have seen, I wanted to share with you some of the beauty products I have been using:

Olaplex – No. 7 Bonding Oil

L’Oreal – Botanicals Lavendar Fine Hair Mask

Watermans – GROWME Shampoo

Soap & Glory – Quick Drying Hair Turban

My hair has a long way to go, I prefer it longer and it’s getting there week after week but my confidence in my hair is finally back and I’m so glad I went for the chop that I was so reluctant to give my poor, poor hair!

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