Mornings With Teapigs

*This blog post is kindly sponsored by Teapigs*

This post is such a dream for me to write.

I have had Teapigs in my cupboard for years now and every morning I reach for a bag with their name written on it.

Teapigs have recently released a second round for their “Feel-Good Teas” collection and when I heard about it I couldn’t wait to try the different teas for myself. I thought I might really like one and the others would be nice but ultimately end up at the back of my cupboard. Because as much as I love tea [and those that know me well, know I really don’t have the taste for coffee and will always order a pot of tea, wherever I am!] I can be quite fussy about it.

I might be on my second box of all of these teas…

So for all you tea-lovers out there I am going to tell you more about the three Teapigs Feel-Good teas I can’t leave home without [yes I carry tea bags in my bag and I will never leave the country without a large stock of them!]

Happy feel-good tea is all about lifting your mood and putting a smile on your face. With apple, lemon balm and turmeric it is to be taken to improve your mood and reduce anxiety. This is absolutely delicious and you’ll often find me yelling first thing in the morning because I’m too impatient to drink it before it’s properly cooled down.

Up Beet is from the first collection so it’s been my go-to mid-afternoon herbal tea for quite a while. I can imagine it’s a lot of other peoples as well given the Great Taste award it got last year! Recently I have been using it as a high caffeine alternative for my pre-workout to give me that extra energy boost to smash a fitness session.

Beetroot, hibiscus, ginger, green tea and carrot are the five ingredients in this tea and is the tea I always want to reach for whether I’m about to lace up my trainers or jump onto the sofa.

With the London sunshine recently a hot drink hasn’t been ideal so I tried it iced once and I’ve never gone back, it’s incredible!

Now whether I’m working out or not, whether the sun is shining or not, you’ll find me drinking iced Up Beet tea.

Like the tee says, I hate running but it can be such a great way for me to sort through things in my mind and enjoy the outdoors, running between corridors of trees in my local park.

As I said, I’m really not much of a runner so after all that it’s time to lie down…

I don’t always use their Calm tea at night but I try to use it anytime I’m feeling overwhelmed, anxious or before an evening yoga flow or meditation.

Lousie from Teapigs says,

“Before you throw your phone out of the window, drink this relaxing blend of lemon balm, valerian and chamomile – drunk for centuries for its calming, stress-reducing properties.”

Even my pugs agree… [the only ‘dogs’ I’ll be having anytime soon!]

For those interested in trying any of these teas you can find the entire collection here for just £20.

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