How I Find Motivation Everyday

If you take away one thing from this article and “How I Stay Motivated Everyday” it’s that I don’t, and nobody out there does. Once you accept you’re human and life often doesn’t go to plan, finding motivation and balance in your nutrition and fitness becomes much easier, because you’re not spending time beating yourself up over days you didn’t have time to make it to the gym or bought snacks on-the-go instead of meal prepping.

However, I do think that there are several helpful ways you can keep yourself motivated and on track, which aren’t really time-consuming or expensive…

Walking – in my opinion, it is the most underrated form of burning calories. It’s easy, cheap and for those with injuries, or the inability to do high impact workouts and or run, this is their best option.

For those who say they commute to work every day, sit behind a desk and can’t get 10,000 steps in everyday, try leaving the house 5-10 minutes earlier and get off the tube or bus a stop or two sooner, then walk the rest of the way. Like your sleep? Then do it on the way home or in your lunch hour. Steps added. Easy. You’ll be surprised how quickly they add up.

Weekly not daily – I see people so often beat themselves up for having a “bad day” with their food or activity levels. All they mean is that they’ve set themselves a goal and on that day,  they probably didn’t do all that they could to meet it. For me, I work in weeks not days – it honestly changed my whole mindset when it came to nutrition and exercise. Instead of thinking about it being 10,000 steps every day, think of it being 70,000 steps a week. I know lots of people who have a Monday – Friday 9 to 5 desk job but are much more active on the weekends. They probably easily get 70,000 steps in a week, yet still beat themselves up over the weekdays when they weren’t as active as they think they’re supposed to be.

I know that some nights I’m going out for dinner and I’ll end up eating three decadent courses, or sharing a bottle of wine with a friend, and some days are jam packed full of meetings and deadlines, so I don’t actually leave the house. That’s why my mindset is weekly not daily. One “off” day doesn’t set me back because I can make up for it in the other six days, it gives me so much more peace of mind and I don’t worry if one day is off track from my goals.

Snacking – I cannot go between bigger meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner) without snacking. Whenever I leave the house I will always pack some dark chocolate or a small bag of snacks. For me, if I have healthier options to hand I won’t go off and buy sugary snacks when I’m on-the-go. This is why Yushoi is one of my go to’s!

A small packet in the handbag during the day, and a sharing size to take over to a barbecue with friends, or to enjoy on a night in with the girls. Socialising doesn’t have to be unhealthy!

Summer prep – There is nothing like a sunny holiday to narrow my focus and sharpen my mindset towards my goals. There seems to be this big stigma nowadays that talking about losing weight and getting more active as a holiday nears is unhealthy and the opposite of self-love, but I think anything that can put you on an even healthier and active path is a good thing! I am currently on holiday in Guernsey and it’s even hotter and sunnier than London’s been recently. This means plenty of beach days and a lot of bikinis.

Would I have been happy without any “summer prep”? Yes.

Do I feel better (inside, and out) having focused on a goal, enjoyed the journey and met it? You’re damn right I do.

Yushoi was a great snack swap for me. They are high in fibre, protein and oh so tasty, so I don’t feel like I am missing out on other tasty treats out there that are higher in calories, and sugar that I was trying to avoid. They offer baked pea, lentil, black bean and chickpea snacks that are great as part of a balanced diet. Their sweet chilli and lemon flavour is by far my favourite, but their new Inclusions are made from chickpeas, and their balsamic vinegar and caramelised onion flavour could trump it soon – with over 10g of protein in each bag too!

Have you tried Yushoi before? If you have, let me know which flavour is your favourite!

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*This is a paid partnership with Yushoi Snacks*
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