My Journey To Clearer Skin

I have shared a few throwback pictures over the last two years with you guys. I don’t post many because I don’t have many. I was very wary of cameras around and deleted most that I came across later on because it reminded me of my low self-esteem, next-to-nothing confidence and a time in my life where I was just generally uncomfortable in my own skin.

Between 15 and 20 years old (I’m currently 24) my skin was very bumpy just below the surface. It wasn’t red and painful like the general acne I knew of so I didn’t think there was anything that could really be done to fix it. It had such a negative effect on my confidence as it was something even make-up couldn’t hide!

Naturally I have quite oily skin so I was forever using products for oily skin which dried it out. It turns out that you can have dry AND oily skin but I only found this out after my first facial at 18 (I highly recommend seeing some sort of specialist to talk through what works best for your specific skin type). I had always avoided hydrating face masks and moisturisers because they made me look shinier but it turns out I was only punishing my poor skin.

Drink water, eat better, moisturise were the three things that were vaguely mentioned when the subject came up about looking after your skin. But as I’ve learnt over the last few years and especially the last few months I’d like to add one word to that advice: consistently.

Consistently drink water.

Not 2-3 litres for a few days and only a couple of glasses a day for the rest of the week. I had to increase my intake by an extra litre a day for a few months before I started to see results in my skin and upping that intake even further on days that I worked out. I am quite an active person so I drink 3-4 litres on a rest day and up to 5 on days that I workout or am on my feet the majority of my day (and yes, I pee…a lot!).

Consistently eat better.

If you consume (bad) fatty products, a lot of foods high in sugar, avoid whole foods and products with omega-3 fatty acids in then your skin is going to suffer.

AVOID: refined sugar, dairy, fast food. CONSUME: mackerel, walnuts, whole foods.

Consistently moisturise.

It’s not moisturising specifically but having a skincare routine suited to your skin type that you can stick with. This is the lesson that finally cleared up my skin, gave me the confidence to smile again in photos and be braver in front of the camera!

I found a series of products that reacted well with my skin and created myself an individualised morning and night time skincare routine I was religious about carrying out, no matter where I was.

What I make sure I do in every aspect of my life is mix it up. I don’t have the same breakfast two days in a row or do the same workout back-to-back. I also don’t use the exact same beauty products day after day. Whether it’s my shampoo, my cleanser or my body lotion – I constantly change things up!

Here is why…

You constantly change the workouts you do or increase the weights you use so your muscle groups don’t get complacent and you continue to develop and make process. The same goes for the food you consume. Eating the same thing everyday, your body gets to understand this and eventually won’t digest it as well and your body could end up suffering. Narrowing your field of food means you jeopardise the diversity of good bacteria in your gut, compromise the strength of your immune system and possibly leave you missing out on key vitamins or mineral that are key for hormonal balance and generally keeping your body working optimally.

I find this is the case with beauty products as well. Do you ever find that amazing shampoo that leaves your hair shiny but not greasy and bouncy but manageable? Trust me, they are out there! But I then overuse it until it leaves my hair a little less shiny and bouncy but you stick with it anyway? DON’T! I have four different brands of shampoo and conditioner in my shower (yes, it is a little crowded in there) and several shower gels, facial washes and body scrubs (okay so it’s really crowded in there). But my body truly thanks me for it! It is the same with my skincare routines – I have two or three products I have found work with my skin that I can reach for morning or night and change up when I feel I need to.

This facial oil is INSANE!

This routine has cleared up my skin and that change is great but the difference it has made to my confidence is unbelievable. It just goes to show, never stop learning! Soak up as much information as you can…about everything! I never would have been able to create the change I did without educating myself.

Until next time,

I know this isn’t my usual post but a year ago this isn’t something I knew a lot about and my skin is something I get asked about quite a bit on Instagram so I thought I’d put it into a post for you guys.


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