My Morning Routine

This is probably my most requested blog post to date.

Until the numbers became handfuls it wasn’t a blog post that I had even thought about writing!

How you start your day paves the way for how you go about the rest of it and what you do, so take time in the morning to prepare yourself properly and fuel yourself in the best way possible!

I’ve decided to serialise my morning routine with part one being a focus on my morning workout and how it affects the rest of my day.

7.30AM Drink half a litre of room-temperature filtered water (I’ve left by my bed the night before). I’m quite naughty and get onto my phone and browse through all my notifications that I’ve slept through whether they are work or personal. I don’t answer any of the work ones but I like to know what I’m going to be tackling first when I finally sit down to work.

7.45AM Home/gym workout/fitness class. If I can, I try to fit a workout in before my breakfast as I’m not someone who likes to wake up and eat right away.

If I do it as soon as I wake up it’s then done and dusted and I don’t have any time to make excuses! I also feel so energised afterwards that it’s a great way to start my day.

I take a Spatone apple iron supplement on an empty stomach before working out.

Our bodies do not produce iron so we rely solely on our nutrition and in some lifestyles it can be difficult to get the necessary amounts our bodies need to; form red blood cells and transport oxygen throughout the body, help with cognitive function and our immune system as well as helping to reduce fatigue.

Red meat is a very high source of iron, as I eat very little it can be tricky to reach the levels of iron my body requires every day. Because of this, I have taken a daily iron supplement for about a year now. Recently I have been turned on to a liquid supplement as it is known to be better absorbed by the human body. Spatone’s apple flavour also happens to taste so good!

I also drink at least a litre of filtered water throughout my workout and in the moments after to replenish what I lost through sweating to rehydrate my body.

8.30AM After a sweaty session it’s important to make sure you clean your skin so your pores don’t get clogged up with any bacteria and you don’t ruin the pH on your skins surface. I cleanse and exfoliate in the shower and leave feeling clean and fresh for my day.

8.45AM I might not wake up starving but I definitely am after a workout so now it’s breakfast time! I start by boiling the kettle so I can make myself a warm lemon water with slices of fresh root ginger, sometimes with turmeric, powdered ginger (I like ginger) and cream of tartar. I cut and squeeze half a lemon into a mug and stop the kettle from completely boiling before I pour the water in. I allow that to infuse while I cook my food (or throw together leftovers depending on how put together my fridge is that morning). What I eat changes day-to-day; on how I’m feeling and how hungry I am, on how hard I worked out or if I worked out. Porridge with walnuts, berries and agave nectar is a favourite if I am going for a run that day. It fuels me up for so long and if I have a busy morning it’s definitely my go-to. Smoked salmon, avocado and turmeric scrambled eggs with toasted pitta is another favourite of mine, I love adding roasted red pepper hummus to it as well (all of the healthy fats!).

*Disclaimer* – These tips work incredibly well for my body and might not be as effective on somebody else’s. Please remember to take this into account when reading this article.

Just after 9AM I am sat at my office desk with my breakfast and it’s time to grind!

I would love to know how you like to start your day, let me know in the comments below…

Until next time,

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