Fuelling On-The-Go With NINE

A lot of you have been asking a little more about my new favourite snack bars so I thought I’d offer a little more insight into why I’ve been using NINE to fuel me through the summer and on my travels.

My favourite flavour is Peanut and Pumpkin Seed. It tastes like you’re spooning crunchy peanut butter out of a jar and who doesn’t love that??

My recent trip to Guernsey saw me take a bag full of NINE bars to make sure I never went hungry on all of our exploring. Shopping trips, boat days, long cliff hikes – NINE was always on hand to fuel my friends, family and I when our energy dipped.

When I’m travelling I know my nutrition will not be as good as when I am at home in London so I make sure I will at least be reaching for a healthy mid-morning or mid-afternoon snack that is full of great ingredients I know will aid my body with their good seeds and great tastes.

I love seeds and nuts but taking packets of them that you’re only going to eat a handful of takes up space in your bag and creating a trail mix takes time and can be messy when it actually comes to eating it! This is why the founder of NINE introduced his bars to the world 25 years ago with only the best natural ingredients and most exciting of flavours.

I apparently like to match my outfit to my NINE bar of choice that day. First the peanut bar with my yellow playsuit and now this outfit with my breakfast Berry & Almond Seed bar.

I know a lot of you have asked me what is in the bars and the macros so I am going to show you them in my favourite bar the Peanut and Seeds one (as each is obviously slightly different):


I’m currently packing several bars in my bag for a weekend away in Spain to help fuel me get round the city of Barcelona which I am so excited to explore for the first time!

Have you tried NINE before? Tell me your favourite flavour in the comments.

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*This article is kindly sponsored by NINE bar*

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