Teriyaki Chicken + Egg Fried Rice

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This is one of my favourite meals, it is a comfort meal but a pleasure to eat + is still considered pretty healthy.

Serves two


2 handfuls Brown Rice

2 Eggs

Salt + Pepper (season to taste)

2 tbsp Sesame Oil

3 tbsp Teriyaki Sauce

3 tbsp Extra Virgin Olive Oil

1/2 thumbnail grated Root Ginger

3 Chicken Breasts (or alt. meat)

A selection of vegetables:

Peppers, butternut squash, corgette,

garden peas, broccoli, mushrooms, etc.


  1. Cook the brown rice in boiling water for 40 minutes.
  2. Whilst that is simmering away, cook the chicken in a tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil until browned.
  3. At the same time, fry the vegetables in a tbpn of oil until soft.
  4. Add the chicken to the vegetables, add the teriyaki + sesame sauce + grated root ginger. Simmer for 5 minutes.
  5. Drain the rice for a few minutes.
  6. Break the two eggs into a large frying pan with a tablespoon of oil. Break up the eggs + as they start to cook add the rice + stir the two together. Once cooked, add a tbsp of sesame oil + season to taste.




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