Working From Home? 7 Ways To Stay Motivated

Have you recently started working from home?

New job?

COVID-19 got you in self-isolation or social distancing?

No matter what is going on, if you are feeling well, then we all need to be getting on with our regular routines as best we can. If you’re no longer able to go into your office or if you’ve recently become self-employed then finding ways to stay motivated in a comfier setting – like your home – can be tricky.

1. A good night’s sleep is so important to the following day being productive. Don’t stay up until the early hours binge-watching a Netflix series. Take your working hours as seriously as you would do as if you were going into an office, routine is key. What follows this is…

2. Set your alarm for an early start. I always feel so good if, by lunchtime, I have had a really productive morning. Don’t feel like you can have a lie-in because you don’t have a commute anymore. Use this time to be productive! Get a morning workout in, an early sweat session can lift your mood and kick start your day in such a positive way or sort your meals for the day so you’re not wasting your working hours on fuelling yourself.

“Routine is key.”

3. A change of clothes is key. Don’t misunderstand me. I work in my pyjamas. In my mind, it is the greatest perk about working from home. I workout first thing in the morning if I can but if not I do at least shower and change from the pyjamas I wore to bed, to a fresh set. Not only do you feel better in clean clothes but it also gets you out of your bed. This leads me onto…

4. Do NOT work from your bed. The only exception I make to this is if I am a little under the weather and I have deadlines that have to be met. It becomes a treat to myself when I am not feeling 100%. If I did this all the time I would just end up napping constantly. A separate work space for me is vital to a productive day,

“Working in my pyjamas is the greatest perk.”

5. LISTS LISTS LISTS. To do lists are my crack. Old fashioned, written down, pen to paper to do lists. Getting to cross everything off your list at the end of the day is one of the most rewarding feelings, trust me!

6. Talk to people. If I haven’t got any meetings, Skype calls or social activities planned in my day I will always make a phone call in my lunch hour. Whether that be to a friend who has gone for a walk in their lunch hour, a gossip with my mum who is at home or I spend a little time answering all my WhatsApp messages and catching up on the lengthy girly chats I’m behind on because I turned my phone off whilst I worked through the morning.

“To do lists are my crack.”

7. Find a routine. Finding structure in this new work environment, in the chaos that’s happening on a global scale right now, is so important to your productivity. I work all day, every day this way and for me, no two days look even remotely similar to one another. Finding a routine that you can even partially stick to or moments you can have in every day that will help settle you. For me it is the little things; waking up and immediately making myself a hot drink and washing my face. Looking through my to do list and prioritising for my day along with shutting my laptop at 6pm unless I am cramming for a deadline.

I hope this helps you stay motivated whilst working from home and create a little structure in these uncertain times.

Also, let me know if you have anymore ideas that I can try for myself! I am always here for improvement.

Until next time,

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